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Marcel Boucher Jewelry

Marcel Boucher was a French jeweler who made significant contributions to the world of costume jewelry during the 20th century. Let’s explore his fascinating journey:

  1. Early Years and Career:

    • Marcel Boucher was born in Paris in 1898.
    • After serving in the Great War, he became a mold-maker and apprentice designer at Cartier, one of France’s prestigious jewelry houses.
    • In the early 1920s, he moved to New York City and continued his passion for jewelry design.
  2. Founding His Own Company:

    • By the 1930s, Marcel was working for Mazer Brothers, known for affordable copies of high-end jewelry.
    • However, in 1937, he decided to establish his own company, which he named Marcel Boucher & Cie.
    • His jewelry stood out due to excellent design and high-quality materials, often mistaken for precious jewelry.
  3. Distinctive Features of Marcel Boucher Jewelry:

    • Intricate Metalwork: His pieces featured intricate metalwork, including filigree and detailed settings.
    • Rhinestones and Faux Pearls: Marcel used rhinestones that could pass for precious gems and top-quality faux pearls.
    • Colorful Enamel Work: He gained fame for his bold, imaginative enameled pieces, such as brooches shaped like fruits, animals, and human figures.
    • Mechanical Elements: Marcel incorporated moving parts into his jewelry, adding whimsy and playfulness.
  4. World War II and “Parisina”:

    • During World War II, the white metal used in costume jewelry was restricted, so jewelers turned to sterling silver.
    • Marcel moved to Mexico during the war to be close to an abundant supply of silver.
    • While there, he created his line called “Parisina”, honoring his beloved France and the traditional artistry of Mexican silversmiths.

Marcel Boucher’s legacy lives on through his individual works of art, meticulous finishes, and imaginative designs. His jewelry continues to captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike. 

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